Sandbox Environment

Our sandboxed environment is hosted at

If you followed the Get started guide, you have in fact already used it.

This is a simple mock service that implements our gRPC APIs. It will generate fake events for use in the events API, and will return with some dummy response for the unary API calls.


You may invoke the sandbox environment without using any authorization.

Note that if you do include a Authorization header, it needs to be a valid access token obtained from

Customization exposes a webpage where you can apply some customization for your OAuth 2.0 client.

Landing pageConfiguration page

You will here be allowed to enter a list of phone numbers for your client ID.

When generating events, it will use one of these at random as the owner of the event.

Note: This does require you to provide valid credentials

Notes about the event API

If you do include credentials, the event API will generate events of types SMS_EVENT and SMS_DELIVERY_EVENT when you invoke the SMS APIs.

These will be stored keyed on your client's client ID, so you may generate these events by sending SMSes using the same OAuth 2.0 client as you listen to events with.